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Dowry House is first large development project of the Shrine to have begun. Whilst already open to guests, it is opening officially later on this year. Despite its growing popularity with bookings coming in thick and fast, the retreat centre is still not complete. It is a retreat centre for the Shrine, but – more than that – it is a retreat centre for the country. The message of Walsingham is a message for England, Mary’s Dowry. As England’s Nazareth, Walsingham is the beating heart of the Church in this land, and it can only give life to the whole country if each one of us is generous in donating the life-blood that it needs to keep beating. There are many ways to donate – your time, your skills, and your money. This page gives you ways in which you can donate financially to Dowry House.

Bursary Fund

This fund will enable youth leaders in the Church to come on retreat at Dowry House. Without the support of other members of the Body of Christ, these young people could not otherwise afford the residential rate. They generously give of their time and energy in this demanding stage of their lives, and do not receive anything in return save the joy and fulfillment of giving. This is a way for us to give back to them and to encourage our young people to continue investing in the future of the Church and its youngest members.

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Chapel Fund

We are designing a special Tabernacle for the Chapel that can be used for perpetual Adoration. We believe that it is only from the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus that the New Evangelisation will bear much fruit. Our vision for Dowry House is that it may become a place for all people to encounter the Word made flesh Who lives among us.

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Development Fund

There are many exciting projects in the development plans of the shrine. Please check the Shrine website at for further details. The goal is to raise £6 million for buildings and accommodation, and £4 million for the work of the shrine. Together, let us make Walsingham a wellspring of vocations and holiness for the good of our country and beyond.

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Garden Fund

The beauty of nature speaks to us of the Creator and reveals God’s fingerprints to us in our daily lives. Beauty both evangelizes and heals, restoring peace and joy. There are many beautiful projects for the garden, including a special Fiat Rosary garden by the car park, where guests may meditate on the interior life of Mary and Jesus, as they gave joy and glory to the Trinity in every moment, both joyful and sorrowful.

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