Scripture Reflections

‘Well Done, Good and Faithful Servant’ (Mt 25:14-30)

18th November 2017

This parable is a wonderful gift for all of us to treasure in our hearts and minds and to live in gratitude with a generous heart. Jesus told the disciples what the kingdom of heaven is like, and described the parable of the three servants who had been given talents by their master. One he… Read more »

The Wise Were Ready (Mt 25:1-13)

12th November 2017

Today’s reading is an account from Matthew’s gospel of Jesus once again attempting to describe the kingdom of heaven. The kingdom of God or, as we find in Matthew’s language, the kingdom of heaven is central in Jesus’ teaching. Jesus’ proclamation of God’s kingdom is his declaration of ‘God’s plan of salvation in all its… Read more »

Work Pray Love (Mt 23:1-12)

5th November 2017

Looking at today’s scripture readings, we can pick out several parts which relate to attitudes. Many of them provide food for thought in a reflection on work and our attitude to work. “Why is it always me?” seems to be one of those universal complaints. We say it – or at least think it –… Read more »

The Diptych of Merciful Love (Mt 22:34-40)

28th October 2017

To love God with all your heart, soul and mind; and to love your neighbour as yourself: “On these two commandments hang the whole Law” (Mt 22:40). The image of Jesus’ two-fold commandment of Love forms a kind of diptych with love of God on the left panel and love of neighbour on the right… Read more »

God’s Coin is Humanity (Mt 22:15-21)

22nd October 2017

In the recent Sunday gospel readings we see Jesus’ authority challenged by the Pharisees. Matthew gives us an account of Jesus’ response which, this time, is different to that in the previous parables. The parables have their own power of getting to the core of one’s message, yet Jesus makes a clear and factual statement… Read more »

Welcome to the Wedding Feast (Mt 22:1-14)

14th October 2017

This Sunday’s gospel is a wonderful example for all of us. God calls each of us to the wedding feast, which is our heavenly home. God the Father is represented by the king, and Jesus by the son in the parable. Each of us are invited by the father, to this great feast, but do… Read more »

Two Ways (Mt 21:28-32)

2nd October 2017

In today’s Gospel we hear of two brothers. The first says no to his father’s instruction to work in the vineyard but later thinks better of it and goes off to work after all. The second initially says he will go but then does not. We have probably all been like both sons at times… Read more »

‘The disciple he loved standing near her’ (Jn 19:25-27)

23rd September 2017

Where am I when I contemplate Jesus’ Crucifixion? Where am I standing? Am I standing at all? One would normally associate the Feast Day of Our Lady of Walsingham with the joy of the Annunciation – after all, this is the core of Walsingham spirituality. Yet, the Gospel reading chosen for today is of Mary’s… Read more »

‘Forgive your brother from your heart’ (Mt 18:21-35)

17th September 2017

Today’s gospel reading is one of the most challenging in the whole of the new testament because it brings us face to face with our difficulty to forgive, to show compassion, to avoid complaining and gossiping about others and revealing their weak points. ‘To err is human, to forgive is divine’ is a well known… Read more »

Do you want to be my follower? (Mt 16:21-27)

2nd September 2017

“If anyone wants to be a follower of mine, let him renounce himself.” (Mt 16:24) Jesus told his disciples that in Jerusalem he would be put to death by the elders and scribes but that he would be raised up again on the third day (cf. Mt 16:21). We are told in the Gospel that… Read more »