Our Facilities

The shrine offers at Dowry House a range of formation courses and retreats for those seeking to deepen their faith.

There are 17 beautifully furnished bedrooms that can hold up to 26 guests, for whom all meals are provided.

The Welcome Centre at the entrance offers resources for passing pilgrims to have a fruitful time in Walsingham and the gardens are being developed to provide outdoor prayer spaces for residential guests.

The Julian Library holds a Marian collection of some 3,000 books ranging from art and history through to mystical theology.

The Beckett Room is a reading room where residents can relax and the St Edward’s Conference Room, with its media facilities, sits larger groups of thirty plus for seminars.

The cloister of the courtyard joins the main building to the Chapel. The plan for the beautiful chapel is to have a special tabernacle designed for Perpetual Adoration, since it is from the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus that all effective evangelisation comes. As such Dowry House will be the praying heart of the shrine and a place for all people to encounter the Word made flesh Who lives among us.