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Dowry House continues to pick up in popularity as the retreat program expands and more and more people come to know of the Shrine retreat centre in the heart of Walsingham, England’s Nazareth. In the three years that Dowry House Retreat has been operational, hundreds of people have come to share in Our Lady’s joy though the spirituality of Walsingham.

You are invited, especially in view of the financial impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, to help support and develop Dowry House. There are many ways to donate – your time, your skills, and your money. Any donation you are able to make will help us to continue the vital work of Dowry House Retreat in helping people say yes to God’s love and will in their lives.

Dowry House General Fund

Dowry House is a beautiful historic retreat house in the heart of Walsingham. Your donation will contribute to the upkeep of this Grade II listed building as well as help us improve the retreat experience of this who come to England’s Nazareth.

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Donations for Retreats and Accompaniment

In thanksgiving for zoom retreats and spiritual accompaniment offered through Dowry House.

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Bursary Fund

This fund will help subsidise young people and the unwaged to come on retreat to Dowry House. Without the support of other members of the Body of Christ, some could not otherwise afford a retreat. Many thanks for giving them this opportunity.

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If you would like to donate to Dowry House via cheque, we would request that a cheque is sent to Dowry House Retreat and made payable to “Walsingham Trust” with a note stating that it is a ‘Donation for Dowry House’.  If you are a UK tax payer and are able to gift aid your donation, we would also request that a gift aid form is completed.