Deanery Retreats

Deanery Retreats

Following the success of recent deanery retreats we are hoping to promote these for deaneries around the country.

“Our deanery recently spent a couple of nights at Dowry House. The dynamic was quite different from a short meeting in one of our presbyteries. We had time to pray together, receive and reflect upon input from the Sisters, and relax. The effects have lasted, helping our subsequent gatherings to be more open and fruitful. We have already booked again.”
-Brentwood Diocese

Arrivals on a Monday for lunch or supper with departures on the Wednesday after breakfast or lunch will enable priests to experience the rejuvenating effect of Our Lady’s special presence at Walsingham. Bring your own speakers or acc
ept input on mutually agreed themes from the COLW sisters who run the retreat centre. As a Carmelite-rooted community, with a special care for priests, the sisters will ensure you get the rest and care you may need during such a time of retreat. For further information on costs and options available please email us.

“There exists an essential relationship between the Mother of Jesus and the priesthood of the ministers of the Son, which derives from the relationship found between Mary’s divine motherhood and Christ’s priesthood. The Marian spirituality of every priest is rooted in this relationship. Priestly spirituality cannot be considered complete if it does not take into serious consideration the testament of Christ crucified, who wanted to confide his beloved disciple to his Mother and, through him, all priests, who have been called to carry forward the work of redemption.”

(The Blessed Virgin Mary in the Life and Ministry of the Priest
by Mons Norberto Rivera, Primate Archbishop of Mexico 1997)