Healing the Mother and Father Wound – Residential or Zoom

Date: Friday 23 July 2021
Time: 5pm

Most of us leave our families with a small or large hole in the heart. This we try and fill with experiences, things or people in order to experience the elusive happiness we all yearn for. As we facilitate the healing of this wound we will experience more deeply the infinite love of God for us.

Knowing that no parents are perfect, as we are all born with original sin and struggle with its effect in our lives, we will look at ways in which we can heal the mother and father wound. This is the emotional-some would say psychological-wound that may have occurred within our family of origin. It may involve our mother, father, or both and is often the cause of addictive behaviours in may fall into.

In a spirit of prayer as we meditate the Word of God we will look at ways in which we can allow these wounds to heal in such a way that we do not pass them on to our own children, to colleagues at work, or those we care for or are responsible for in any way.

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