A Restful Break – 2 to 5 nights

Starts: Friday 10 June 2022 @ 4.30 pm
Ends: Wednesday 15 June 2022 @ 2pm

Enjoy a peaceful break at the beautiful Dowry House Retreat in Walsingham.

You are welcome to join the sisters for prayers, attend services at the nearby churches and shrine or simply enjoy recharging your spiritual batteries as you soak up the peaceful atmosphere. We have very comfortable beds, a beautiful chapel, cosy sitting rooms and a peaceful cloister garden. Book as an individual or with friends and enjoy some quiet time to think, rest and pray.

Our weekend rate is always full board (main supper and dessert, breakfast and lunch) as well refreshments and use of the beautiful facilities at Dowry House. Lunch on Saturdays and weekdays is packed, giving you the freedom to explore the Shrine and other places of interest. On Sundays there is always a lovely roast dinner to celebrate the day.

Arrive on Friday to stay 2 – 5 nights or on the Monday for a 2 night weekday break.

Weekend only rate:

Ensuite: £170

Standard: £150

If you would like to extend your stay, you are welcome to stay extra nights (Sun, Mon and Tues available) on a full board, half board or B&B basis as you prefer. If you stay for all 5 nights on a full board basis, you will save £25 – an ensuite room is £400 and a standard room is £350 for 5 nights full board. Please enquire by emailing dowryhouse@walsingham.org.uk