The ‘Walsingham Ballad’ (c.1465) tells us how Our Lady asked the Norman widow, Richeldis de Faverche, to build an imitation of the Holy House in England, her Dowry. The Mother of God promised her: “All who are in any way distressed, or in need, let them seek me there in that little house you have made at Walsingham. To all that seek me there shall be given succour.  And there at Walsingham in this little house shall be held in remembrance the great joy of my salutation when St Gabriel told me I should through humility become the mother of God’s Son.”

The account states that Our Lady appeared to Richeldis three times, confirming her request on every visit, so ardently did she desire to see a little Nazareth in this land. When the workmen unexpectedly found the building completed, there stood by its side a spring of life-giving water which gushed forth with healing properties. Pilgrims came both to pray in the Holy House and to drink the holy water from the well, thus finding the spiritual refreshment they deeply sought. From its very beginnings in 1061 AD, Walsingham has been a place of help and healing to many, with innumerable testimonies of miracles, cures and answers to prayers. This page of Testimonials gives joyful thanks to Our Lady of Walsingham for all the graces received in our day through her maternal intercession.

Deacons' and Wives - Retreat Summer 2020

Dear Sisters, having returned home from a very Blessed retreat at Dowry House with the group of deacons in formation I would like to say thank you for your hospitality, talks, and the very prayerful nature of your home,I will pray for you all I wish you every success in the future and hope to return .


Loving Chastely Zoom Retreat - Feb 2021

The content was very good – full of meaning with useful applications and examples; instructors and group breakouts were excellent to! I thought the timing and length of time for the sessions was perfect. Even though I was in another time zone, it worked well for me.


Emily, New Hampshire, USA

Introduction to Lectio Divina Retreat 2020

Helped me to go a lot deeper in my faith – enjoyed the time with Jesus to pray about my personal intentions. Expanded my knowledge of the scripture & will enable me to bring this into my relationship with Jesus. Built on previous knowledge from last retreat.

Melissa, Motherwell Diocese

Walsingham Spirituality I (2021) A Accepting God's Will in Every Circumstance

I was very encouraged by this first retreat in the series on Walsingham Spirituality. There is a clear vision for the personal and spiritual renewal of individuals and the church, helping us to realise our full potential. I believe it is a sign of hope for these times. The sisters give a credible witness that it is possible to live a joyful ‘Yes’ to the Lord. I will be back for more!

Peter Fijalkowski

Impact of the Talks:

Liberating. I felt the lifting of the burden of living my faith, to be released into the freedom of living my faith.


Walsingham Spirituality III - May 2019

They’ve given me a fresh insight and a refresher of the Church’s teachings. They’ve also presented me with great analogies which will aid me in the transmission of the faith.

Mairi-Claire, 3rd Year Theology Student, Glasgow Diocese

Loving Chastely Zoom Retreat - Feb 2020

Perfect Balance of prayer and teaching and conversation. Amazing group of young people all desiring to know God more – the teaching was so good! Didn’t want the weekend to end.


Opportunity to interact with others, the presentations and style of delivery, the depth of the content, the friendly attitude. Thank you so much for this retreat. I have struggled with these issues for a long time and didn’t know much of the information we learnt. It was really useful.


Dowry House as a Venue:

Clean, welcoming, calm. Well equipped.

Felicity & Alex, East Anglia Diocese

Dowry House as a Venue:

Beautiful House and a very peaceful location for reflection. Great hospitality, I can’t wait to come again.

Michaela, Southwark Diocese

Dowry House as a Venue:

Showers were great! Good heat & water pressure. Having a warm Chapel makes such a big difference!

Marcus, Brentwood Diocese

Productive Days of Retreat

Thank you once again for welcoming me during those days of last week. It has now become very apparent that they were very productive and valuable – I have, for instance, been praying and meditating more easily since I came home. <y gratitude is shared out between yourselves at Dowry House, the wider community and the Blessed Virgin herself. My relationship with her has deepened during my time with you.

Frederick, London

God's Surprises

When one arrives exhausted after a long trip, the smile on the sister’s face and the welcome received was enough to dispel any doubts about making the journey for a few days of peace and quiet.

Theresa, Wimbledon, Feb 2019

Advent Retreat

It was great to be at the Dowry House for their first Retreat celebrating Advent. The house has been renovated to a high standard. We were made very welcome by the Sisters, very comfortably accommodated and exceptionally well fed. It was a joy to be able to share in the devotional life of the Sisters in their small chapel and have daily Mass in the Parish Church. This Centre is a great addition to the spiritual and temporal life of Walsingham. One feature of personal interest to me is the recently donated Marian library, a truly magnificent collection.

John Desmond Miller Dec 2017

Private Retreat

It couldn’t have been a more grace-filled retreat in such a contemplative space. Joining the sisters for the daily office was one of the highlights.

Sr Marta, Nov 2017

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